*Sunday, June 26*

My love!

My niece has amassed an awesome T-shirt collection. There are ones I tell her are “worth doing a paid photo shoot over” (for a backstory on the whole paid photo shoot thing, read here.) I went to see her on 176/365 and said “I just wanted to see which T-shirt you were wearing today” (totally normal question, right?) She said “Oh, my N64 one!” I told her that I would give her a dollar if she “modeled” the shirt for me (because I needed a photo for the day!) She said, “I could use a dollar!” and agreed to my proposal. I know she doesn’t look happy in the photo, but that’s because I let her do her “model face” for photo shoots like this. If you clicked on the link about paid photo shoots that I mentioned a couple of sentences back, you can see what her real smile is like (which I have to catch her doing candidly. Like most people, her “photo smile” isn’t her true smile!) But I think she looks super cool in the official 176/365 photo, so I don’t mind!


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